Defining Purpose and Values

Corporate Spring helps teams and organizations build human-centered, high-performing organizations

The Corporate Spring Model™ is a science-based model that has been implemented in startups, mid-size and Fortune 500 companies globally with great success. 

The first two building blocks of the Corporate Spring Model is Purpose and Identity/Values. By defining purpose and values the Corporate Spring Way, you start building the foundation of a human-centered, high-performing organization. 

As we help involve and engage your teams in the processevery building block of the Corporate Spring Model tend to be strengthened: increased levels of trust, growth mindsets, passion and joy, along with improved communication, collaboration, and leadership. 

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Purpose and Values

Why Purpose and Values:

  • Inspire, energize, and provide direction for your teams.
  • Build dynamic, agile, values-driven organizations with the ability to make the right decisions.
  • Attract and retain talents who share your purpose and values.
  • Increase engagement, identity, and sense of belonging within the company.
  • Create the foundation of a high-performing organizational culture and a strong brand.
Purpose and Values

How We Do It:

  • Work closely with you/your team to ensure internal ownership and communication.
  • Involve the organization through an effective and interactive process.
  • Facilitate meaningful and engaging purpose and values discussions.
  • Organize creative, fun, and experiential learning and inspiring workshops.
  • Secure an engaging, effective, and well-tested process that leads to tangible takeaways.

Purpose is your “why”.
Values are your “how”.

Your takeaways:

  • Inspiring purpose that describes your “why” and give your organization a clear direction.
  • Authentic values that describe your “how” and guide mindsets and behaviors.
  • Purpose and values statements that have been co-created with the organization.
  • A company identity for internal and external communications and brand.
  • A positive energy injection for the organization, sparking a culture of creativity, pride and joy.
Defining Purpose


Ingrid Woodhouse

VP People & Development, Pexip

Corporate Spring was instrumental in our process of defining a common culture and values for the combined company this spring and help us focus on what matters the most in order to create a high performing global team.

Jason Angelus

Head of Global Demo Engineering, Cisco

Corporate Spring helped us create our global team’s “culture code”/core-values through an involving, innovative, and incredibly inspiring process that led to the powerful values statements we have lived by ever since.

Adam Grant

Bestselling Author of Give and Take, Originals and Think Again

Annicken R. Day has a gift for transforming bureaucracies into businesses that buzz with creativity and joy.

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