Culture as Strategy for Innovation and Growth

Executive Workshop
Oslo, November 7, 2023


 What is culture, really?

3 steps to align culture and business strategy. 

The building blocks of thriving, high-performing teams.  

How to work with culture in practice. 

Start creating your own culture strategy. 

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Epicenter OSLO, November 7th 2023



8:30 - 9:00 Coffee & registration 

  09.:00 - 12:30

  • What is culture, really? Culture is a powerful force that enables innovation, performance and growth. Learn what culture is and what it isn't, and the ROI's of making it a strategy for growth. 
  • 3 steps to align culture and business strategy. A simple, yet powerful, process to make sure your culture is supporting your purpose and overall business objectives. 
  • The building blocks of thriving, high-performing teams. The Corporate Spring Model™ is a holistic, proven model, backed by science and implemented by hundreds of teams worldwide. Learn the science and best practices behind. 

12.30- 13.30 Lunch

  13:30 - 17:00  

  • How to work with culture in practice. Learn how you can implement the process and tools of the Corporate Spring Model™ in practice in your own organisation. and teams.
  • Create your own, customised culture strategy.  Based on the insights you have acquired in the workshop, start creating a culture strategy for your own organisation. 

     End of Workshop  - Drinks & Mingle


Through interactive sessions, engaging discussions, and practical activities you will:

  • Understand the value of company culture: Gain a appreciation for the importance of company culture in driving innovation, sustainable growth and profitability. 

  • Get insights, skills and tools in how to align culture and strategy.  Learn the practical 3-step process that can strengthen/revitalise/transform your company culture.

  • Learn how to build thriving, high-performing team cultures: Learn how to work with the science-backed, proven Corporate Spring Model in practice, to align and engage your organisation around the culture you need to secure your business success. 

  •  Start creating your own customised culture strategy: Put your learnings into practice and get support in creating your own unique culture strategy customised to your organisation's unique situation and needs. 


  • Join us for drinks & mingle after the workshop.
  • Receive a 30% discount code to the Happy Life Happy Work Online Course.
  • Buy a signed copy of Annicken R. Day's bestselling novel Fly, Butterfly. 
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The Corporate Spring Model™ 

The Corporate Spring Model™ is a structured approach to align your organisational culture. Based on science and extensively tested, the Corporate Spring Model™ process helps align teams and organisations around the culture they want and need to secure their business success. Built on scientific studies from psychology, neuroscience, group dynamics, and behavioral science, it supports organisational alignment around purpose, values, mindsets and behaviors that drives performance and business growth. The Corporate Spring Model™ for Thriving  High-Performing Teams has been implemented by hundreds of teams worldwide with great success. 

Business Outcomes of Highly Engaged,Thriving Teams: 

  • 56% better performance
  • 23% higher profitability
  • 30% higher customer satisfaction
  • 50% higher retention
  • 3 times higher shareholder value
  • Teams are more adaptable
  • Organisations are more innovative
  • Employees are happier
  • Businesses are more successful. 

Sources:  Gallup, McKinsey, Accenture, Center for Neuroeconomic Studies



Epicenter OSLO, November 7th, 2023

Price: Open Innovation Lab of Norway and Epicenter Members: NOK 4950,-

Price: Non-members: NOK 7950,- 

NB! Limited spaces.


Meet Your Workshop Host
Annicken R. Day



Annicken R. Day
Founder & CEO Corporate Spring 
Bestselling Author, TEDx and Global Keynote Speaker.
Advisor for Startups and Fortune 500 Executives
Columnist Business Insider and Huffington Post.

How to Build Thriving, High-Performance Cultures in Practice.

Learn the method that has been implemented by teams and companies worldwide with great success.


What They Say About Annicken R. Day & Corporate Spring  

Adam Grant Think Again


Adam Grant
#Wharton Professor and #1 NYT bestselling author of THINK AGAINORIGINALS and GIVERS and TAKERS.
Annicken R. Day has a gift for transforming bureaucracies into businesses that buzz with creativity and joy.
Camilla Nilsson Kyoto
Camilla Nilsson

CEO, Kyoto Group

The Corporate Spring Model, and the people behind, puts deep knowledge, structure and processes into the not-so-tangible process of building, and continuously evolving, a corporate culture. Without constantly securing those building blocks, a company will not survive long in today´s fast-changing value-driven world. We are privileged and grateful for the opportunity to be guided by Corporate Spring on this exciting journey to form a culture where people can thrive and thereby deliver on our purpose back to society. We are following the process mindfully, and can clearly experience the impact in the organisation.
Jason Angelus

Head of Global Demo Engineering, Cisco

Having worked with Annicken and the Corporate Spring team over the last years, I have first-hand experienced the amazing effect of what they do and the way they do it.
By combining theory, experience, and neuroscience with excellent facilitation skills, they have trained, inspired and provided tremendous value to our global team. Their work has led to higher levels of belonging, trust and engagement, more innovation, collaboration and better performance across the team. The return of this investment has been phenomenal.​ 



Epicenter, Edvard Storms gate 2
OSLO, November 7, 2023 


Meet Your Workshop Host:

Annicken R. Day

Founder and CEO Corporate Spring, executive advisor, international keynote speaker, and bestselling author, Annicken R. Day helps and inspire leaders around the world in how to build thriving businesses by making their culture a strategy for growth.

As Chief Culture Officer and Culture Strategist in Tandberg and Cisco, she helped build strong innovation cultures that achieved extraordinary growth and business results and were awarded Best Places to Work multiple times. As founder of Corporate Spring, she has helped hundreds of teams, and inspired tens of thousands of leaders worldwide, in how to secure their business success by making their people a high priority and their culture a core strategy. 

She's the author of the bestselling novel Fly Butterfly, the founder of Happy Life Happy Work, an online platform for personal growth, and a few times a year she hosts Chill - Connect - Create retreats in Tuscany, Italy.

Connect with Annicken: [email protected]

Annicken Day about organisational culture

Some of Corporate Spring's Clients

corporate spring clients

About Corporate Spring

Corporate Spring is a boutique consultancy specialised in organisational culture, leadership, and communications. Through the science-based and highly effective Corporate Spring Model™, Corporate Spring's global team of experts help leaders and teams around the world build thriving, high-performance cultures and secure business success through the HUMAN side of their business. By offering bespoke keynotes, workshops, masterclasses and leadership and culture programs, including online programs, the Corporate Spring team helps teams and organisations move from where they are to where they need to be, to thrive and succeed in the new world of work. 


Eva Panarese

Marketing Director, Camurus

What an amazing experience we had when Annicken R. Day explained the importance of Culture as a Growth Strategy and how High Performing Cultures work! It was a great energizing session that helped us in our effort to build an engaged and motivated team around the world. I would highly recommend Annicken as a key motivational speaker and coach!
Denning Tan

StartUp Lead, Amazon Web Services, APAC

Annicken R. Day delivered a most intriguing session for our leadership team at Amazon Web Services, focusing on Purpose, Identity and Leadership for the new world of work. Her ability to transport the listener to a deeper, inner, more connected realm is almost surreal. I thoroughly enjoyed her session, insight, and leadership.
Jennifer Walker

Customer Experience Manager, Cisco

Annicken R. Day is an inspiring and thought-provoking speaker. She has an infectious passion coupled with great knowledge and years of practical experience that makes her both enlightening and entertaining. I highly recommend her as a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and executive advisor.
Martin Falch

CEO 360Leaders

Annicken is by far the best “culture expert” I have ever come across, both as a subject matter expert and her ability to facilitate implementation. Her impressive background, combined with her uniquely energetic personality and “no b.s.” attitude is the reason we not only hired her for our own company but also recommend her to our clients.



Epicenter, Edvard Storms gate 2. 0166 OSLO
NOVEMBER 7, 2023 


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A selection of talks:  

  • Culture as Strategy for Innovation and Growth. Learn about the magic of turning culture into a strategic asset. Discover how to align and inspire your organisation for engagement, innovation, and extraordinary performance. 
  • Leadership in Times of Uncertainty: Discover the art of leadership in the face of uncertainty and change; how to not only steer the ship but create an environment where individuals thrive amid turbulent waters.
  • Self-Leadership: The Foundation for all Leadership. Learn the game-changing strategies of self-awareness, self-empowerment, and self-leadership, to unlock personal and professional growth.

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