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Globalization, new technologies, demographic shifts and the global pandemic has changed the world of work and how people think, feel and operate within it. This calls for new ways of leading too.

New World of Work Leadership

The old-fashioned way of command and control and “managing people” simply isn’t effective anymore. Today, leaders need to inspire and empower, build and lead teams; drive change, keep people connected and engaged, and create cultures of innovation, learning, and continuous improvement.

Studies show that the strongest success indicators for leaders are their willingness to learn and grow and create organizational cultures that encourages and enables others to do the same. To achieve this, leaders need to build cultures of belonging, psychological safety and trust; where people dare to take risks and learn from mistakes, enjoy their work, and are inspired to give their best.


Effective communication, internally as well as externally, is key to high-performing organizations and customer success. When purpose, values and cultures are defined, communicated, and demonstrated in behaviors, greater levels of engagement, trust and loyalty to the company, and its brand, are established. When the stories you tell is what employees and customers experience, talents will want to work for you, and customers will want to buy from you.  

Companies with highly engaged employees have:

50% higher employee retention

18% better business performance

20% higher customer satisfaction

23% higher profitability

3 times higher shareholder return

Source: Gallup, McKinsey

Through executive advisory, coaching, and customized leadership and communications programs, we help leaders develop the skills
they need to lead and communicate effectively in the new world of work.

Some of Our Offerings

  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Team Dynamics
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Team Dynamics
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Team Dynamics

Ingrid Woodhouse

VP People Development, Pexip

Corporate Spring was instrumental in our process of defining a common culture and values for the combined company this spring and help us focus on what matters the most in order to create a high performing global team. The presentation Annicken R. Day and Mikael Hansson held on our kick-off, about the importance of corporate culture, was extremely well received and created a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. We are really grateful for the excellent work and can highly recommend Corporate Spring for this type of work.

New Times – New Skills

indistrual age

Industrial Age

Command & Control
Detail focus
Quality control

information age

Information Age

Leading change
Building trust
Building collaboration cultures
Creating engagement


Future ready leadership new world

New World of Work

Lead in uncertainty
Handle complexity
Build cultures of purpose & autonomy
Lead remotely

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