Corporate Spring Presents:

Online Courses

for Organizations, Teams, Leaders, and Individuals. 

Corporate Spring Presents:

Online Courses

Our Online Courses

The 5 Building Blocks of High-Performing Team Cultures Online Course is a comprehensive leadership online program o the science behind human motivation and high-performing organizations, and how to build thriving, High-Performing Team Cultures and Organizations, in practice. The course is built on the science-based, highly effective Corporate Spring Model™ that has been implemented with great success in companies around the world. The online program can combined with workshops, webinars, or Corporate Spring's popular 2-day Masterclass: How to Make Your Culture a Strategy for Growth.

The Happy Life Happy Work Online Course is a comprehensive personal development program, based on the Happy Life Happy Work Model™, built on the same science as the Corporate Spring Model™ but with an individualistic approach.  

In the Happy Life, Happy Work Online Course the participants are taken on a personal growth journey and invited to explore own purpose, values, build self-trust, master growth mindsets and bird a life and career based on passion and joy - and how to integrate these with their worklife.  

Online Course

Leadership and High Performing Cultures Online Course


the corporate spring model


In this comprehensive online program, Annicken R. Day, founder and CEO Corporate Spring, in conversations with business psychologists Trude Shelby and Mikael Hansson, explore the human mind, human behaviors, group dynamics and how to work with the science-based Corporate Spring Model™ for high-performing team cultures, in practice. The model has been implemented by hundreds of teams, in some of the world's leading companies, with great success. 


Key take-aways:

  • LEARN how to work with The Corporate Spring Model™ for high- performing team cultures in practice.
  • GET practical tools, knowledge and advice in how to lead in times of change and how your culture can become your greatest competitive advantage.  
  • OPTIMIZE team performance and secure business success by engaging the human side of your business and build cultures of passion and joy.


What you will get:

  • A well-tested method grounded in science.
  • Guidance from Corporate Spring's experienced business psychologists and founder and CEO Annicken R. Day. 
  • 5 modules built around the extensively tested, science-based Corporate Spring Model™
  • 7 inspirational videos on how to build thriving, high-performing team cultures- 
  • 5 reflection exercises for team reflections and discussions.
  • Corporate Spring's Library of Content with videos, articles, book and podcast recommendations for more learning and inspiration. 
  • The 5 Building Blocks for High-Performing Teams ebook with content from the course. 
  • Invitation to bi-monthly LIVE Online Sessions/webinars with Q&A on Culture and Leadership with Annicken R. Day  and guests. 
  • Invitation to participate in Corporate Spring's online community and to attend inspiring in-person leadership workshops and retreats.
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Online Course

Happy Life Happy Work
Self-Leadership Online Course 


happy life happy work model


In this comprehensive online program, Annicken R. Day, founder and CEO Corporate Spring and Happy Life Happy Work introduce the 5 building blocks of the science-based Happy Life Happy Work Model™ and how to build a happy life and thriving career in practice. Through game-changing strategies and tools, meditative self-reflection exercises and actionable tools, participants are inspired and guided to increase self-awareness, learn self-empowering mindsets and practice self-leadership. 


Key take-aways:

What is your purpose, what were you put on this planet to do, what fills your heart and soul with pride? How can you create a life and career aligned with your purpose? 

What do you believe in, what matters to you, what do you stand for, how would you like to be remembered. How can you create a life and career aligned with your values? 

Learn The Art of SELF-TRUST: 
How can you build your self-trust muscle, learn to listen to your own inner voice, and fearlessly live the life and create the career you want for 

How can you choose self-empowering mindsets and develop your change-ability, response-ability and growth-ability for  personal and professional growth? 

Live with PASSION and JOY
How can you pursue what ignites the fire in your belly and lights the sparkle in your life. How to live your live FULLY, UNAPOLOGETICALLY and HAPPILY. And to never stop. 


What you will get:

  • A well-tested method grounded in science.
  • Guidance from bestselling author, executive coach and global authority on culture, leadership and happiness, Annicken R. Day.
  • 5 modules built around the extensively tested, science-based, Happy Life Happy Work Model™
  • 7 Inspirational videos on how to design and create a happy life and career.
  • 5 Self-Reflection Exercises/meditative videos to make a deep dive into yourself.
  • 5 Work-Focused Reflection & Discussion Guides.
  • Happiness Journal to capture what you learn about yourself.
  • Happy Life Happy Work Library of Content with videos, articles, books, and podcasts for further inspiration.
  • Happy Life Happy Work eBook with the content from the course.
  • Invitation to bi-monthly Happy Life Happy Work LIVE Online Sessions with Annicken R. Day and guests.
  • Invitation to participate in Happy Life Happy Work online community and to attend inspiring in-person personal growth retreats .
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Both online courses can be combined with keynotes, workshop and leadership programs for individuals, teams, and organizations. 


Highly engaged employees are 75% less stressed, 40% less burned out and 29 % happier with their lives. (Center for Neuroeconomic Studies)

Highly engaged teams achieve greater success, have 50% lower retention, 19% better performance and 23% higher profitability (Gallup, 2022)

Happiness leads to success, not the other way around. (Shawn Achor, Harvard University) Happy people deliver up to 50% better performance than the less happy ones. (Center of Neuroeconomic Studies)