Leadership Training for The New World of Work

Build future-ready leadership.

Corporate Spring Online Leadership Training show you how.

Corporate Spring Online Leadership Training.

Leadership Training for The New World of Work

Build future-ready leadership.

Corporate Spring Online Leadership Training show you how.

In a work world formed by globalization, digitization and a rapid change, companies need to reinvent the way they operate, how their teams collaborate and the way their leaders lead. A New World of Work has emerged.

Through Corporate Spring Leadership Training you will learn:

How to engage your organization and optimize your business results in the new world of work.

How to build high performing team cultures in times of uncertainty and change.

How to lead, collaborate and communicate effectively in the new world of work.

Online Leadership Training

The online learning programs can work as stand-alone products or, ideally, is delivered in combination with webinars, virtual workshops or in-
person events. We also offer learning programs customized to your specific situations and needs.

5 Building Blocks for High Performing Team Cultures


How to build high-performing cultures in practice.

In this comprehensive online program, Annicken R. Day, founder and CEO Corporate Spring, in conversations with business psychologists Trude Shelby and Mikael Hansson, explore the human mind, human behaviors, group dynamics and how to work with the Corporate Spring Model™ for high-performing team cultures, in practice.

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Key take-aways:

  • LEARN how to work with The Corporate Spring Model™ for high- performing team cultures in practice.
  • GET practical tools, knowledge and advice in how to lead in times of change and how your culture can become your greatest competitive advantage.  
  • OPTIMIZE team performance and secure business success by engaging the human side of your business and build cultures of passion and joy.

What you will get:

  • A well-tested method grounded in science.
  • Guidance from Corporate Spring's experienced business psychologists and founder and CEO Annicken R. Day. 
  • 5 modules built around the extensively tested, science-based Corporate Spring Model™
  • 7 inspirational videos on how to build thriving, high-performing team cultures- 
  • 5 reflection exercises for team reflections and discussions.
  • Corporate Spring's Library of Content with videos, articles, book and podcast recommendations for more learning and inspiration. 
  • The 5 Building Blocks for High-Performing Teams ebook with content from the course. 
  • Invitation to bi-monthly LIVE Online Sessions/webinars with Q&A on Culture and Leadership with Annicken R. Day  and guests. 
  • Invitation to participate in Corporate Spring's online community and to attend inspiring in-person leadership workshops and retreats.

All online trainings consist of videos, handbooks and reflection exercises.

The Business Benefits of Thriving, High-Performing Cultures:

Team members are:

  • 74% less stressed
  • 40% less burned out
  • 29% happier with their lives (Neuro-economic studies)

Organizations can show for:

  • 50% lower retention
  • 19% better performance
  • 23% higher profitability (Gallup, 2022)  

Your Virtual Trainers

annicken day  founder and CEO corporate spring

Annicken R. Day

Founder, CEO & Culture Strategist

Founder and CEO Corporate Spring, culture expert, executive advisor for Fortune 500 companies, international keynote speaker and author of the novel Fly, Butterfly; Annicken R. Day inspires, helps and trains leaders around the world in new ways of thinking, leading and working in the new world of work.

Trude Helen Shelby Partner Corporate Spring

Trude Helen Shelby

Partner, Business Psychologist

Partner in Corporate Spring, culture and leadership strategist, executive coach, organizational psychologist and certified gestalt psychotherapy coach, Trude Helen Shelby coaches and trains leaders and teams on how to optimize team performance and create thriving work cultures in a world in constant change.

mikael hansson corporate spring business psychologist

Mikael Hansson

Associate Business Psychologist

Corporate Spring associate, licensed psychologist with extensive experience of developing people and organizations, Mikael Hansson expertise is to develop management teams and coach leaders into becoming the best versions of themselves while leading teams through uncertainty and change.