Culture as Strategy for Growth In The New World of Work

- Leadership for the hybrid work world 


A Corporate Spring Masterclass


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Hybrid Work

91% of employees want hybrid work and 90% say they are as productive working from home. Only 15% of managers agree. 75% of executives want their employees back in the office.

Employee Engagement

79% of the global workforce are disengaged in their jobs which leads to significant loss in productivity and performance. Disengaged workers cost the global economy $7,8 Trillion USD/year.


76 % of executives say culture is critical to their business success, but only 30% say they know how to manage their culture effectively. The quality of the culture hugely influences retention, performance, and business success.

Sources:  McKinsey, Microsoft, Gallup 

Corporate Spring Masterclass


The New World of Work's impact on organizations and teams.

How to communicate and collaborate effectively in a hybrid work world.

Leadership for a new era and how to succeed as a leader of hybrid teams.

How to attract and retain talents and engage and inspire for performance.

How to strategically build a thriving, high-performance culture.

Culture as Strategy for Growth in The New World of Work

Masterclass Agenda

Part 1:

The New World of Work
6 Big Shifts and What They Mean For You.

  • Top 10 Skills for the Future of Work
  • From Hierarchies to Team of Teams
  • The Hybrid Work World
  • Demographic Shifts and New Expectations
  • The New Role of the Leader
  • Culture as a Strategy for Growth
Part 2:

Culture as Strategy for Growth. How to Build Thriving, High-Performance Cultures in Practice.

  • Purpose, why it matters and how to define it.
  • Identity, values, culture and how to create it.
  • Trust, psychological safety and remote work.
  • Growth Mindsets tools for teams.
  • Passion & joy and how to inspire for performance in the new hybrid, world of work.

Key Take-Aways

Insights, inspiration and practical leadership tools.
Participants will walk away with a personal leadership roadmap in how to strategically build a thriving, high-performing culture in the new world of work.

About Corporate Spring

Corporate Spring is a boutique consultancy specialized in organizational culture, leadership, and communications. Through the science-based and highly effective Corporate Spring Model, the global team of experts help leaders and teams around the world build thriving, high-performance cultures and secure business success through their people. Offering bespoke keynotes, workshops, masterclasses and leadership and culture programs, the Corporate Spring team helps organizations go from where they areto where they need to be, to succeed in the new world of work. 

About Annicken R. Day 

Founder and CEO of Corporate Spring, Annicken R. Day is a Scandinavian-born global executive advisor, entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, bestselling author, and global authority in the field of leadership and organizational culture. She advises startup-founders to Fortune 500 executives in how to lead and secure business success through the HUMAN side of their business. As former Chief Culture Officer in the video conference industry she has built and led hybrid cultures for two decades, which have led to multiple Best Place to Work awards and extraordinary business performance.

Annicken R. Day has a gift for transforming bureaucracies into businesses that buzz with creativity and joy.
- ADAM GRANT Organizational Psychologist at Wharton
and #1 NYT Bestselling Author of Think Again, Originals and Give and Take .

Our Approach & Method: The Corporate Spring Model™

Business Outcomes

  • 50% less turnover
  • 56% better performance
  • 23% higher profitability
  • 30% higher customer satisfaction 3 times higher shareholder value

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Annicken is an amazing thought leader, with a truly heart-led approach to creating high performing teams and company culture. Annicken draws on years of practical experience to help any organization get its culture strategy defined and on-track.

Jason Angelus, Head of Global Demo Engineering, Cisco

What an amazing experience we had when Annicken R. Day explained the importance of Culture as a Growth Strategy and how High Performing Cultures work! It was a great energizing session that helped us in our effort to build an engaged and motivated team around the world. I would highly recommend Annicken as a key motivational speaker and coach!

Eva Panarese, Marketing Director, Camurus

Annicken R. Day delivered a most intriguing session for our leadership team at Amazon Web Services, focusing on Purpose, Identity and Leadership for the new world of work. Her ability to transport the listener to a deeper, inner, more connected realm is almost surreal. I thoroughly enjoyed her session, insight, and leadership.

Denning Tan, StartUp Lead, Amazon Web Services, APAC

Annicken is by far the best “culture expert” I have ever come across, both as a subject matter expert and her ability to facilitate implementation. Her impressive background, combined with her uniquely energetic personality and “no b.s.” attitude is the reason we not only hired her for our own company but also recommend her to our clients.

Martin Falch, CEO 360Leaders